A variety of dance classes and lessons to suit everybody

Amethyst Dance Studios holds a variety of dance classes and lessons suitable for all ages, both adults and children.

If you're interested in starting some dance classes or lessons in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, our family friendly dance school offers 11 types of dance classes.

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The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

Examinations are not compulsory and all RAD grades may be attended for the simple pleasure of dance.

RAD Pre-Primary Ballet (Ages 5-6yrs)
This is the introduction to ballet. There is no examination for this class. However there is a presentation to an examiner at exam time to prepare them for examinations in the future.

The syllabus of Pre-Primary & Primary classes is designed to develop high quality movement standards and co-ordination whilst encouraging musicality and self-expression.

RAD Primary Ballet (Ages 6yrs or over)
Students must be 6yrs or over in the year of the exam to be entered for examinations. (Class Schedule)

RAD Grades 1-5 (Ages 7 yrs or over)
RAD Grades 6-8 (Ages 11 yrs or over)
Students must meet the minimum age requirement for each grade and have achieved the specified level of competence if they wish to do the examinations. Each year, RAD appointed examiners come to the studio to assess the students’ levels of achievement. Examiners are usually from interstate and results are mediated at head office in Sydney.

Vocational Grades
Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2 (Age minimum 11yrs to 15yrs, respectively)
The Vocational Grades develop the study of Classical Ballet with the introduction of Pointe work for female candidates. The examination syllabus has been designed to provide a highly focused and relevant training for students wishing to study seriously with a view to pursuing a performing or teaching career in dance or dance related subjects.

These classes are for students from Grade 5 Ballet. Students’ strength in feet and ankles determines if they are fit to start pointe work to advance through these levels. Examinations are held in Brisbane.


Modern Jazz Grades:

Junior | Grade 1 | Grade 2 (Ages 6 – 8yrs)
Grade 3 | Grade 4 | Grade 5 | Grade 6 | Grade 7
Grade 8 (Ages 6–18 yrs).

There are age minimums for examinations in grades 3-8.

CSTD’s Jazz syllabus was developed with the input of some of Australia’s leading choreographers. It offers a Teaching Certificate and a Teaching Diploma. From Grade 4 to Grade 8 credits can be accrued towards the Queensland Certificate of Education in year 12.


Levels 1–9 (Ages 6 yrs and above)

This is a tap curriculum that is modern & fun. Glenn Wood Tap exams are relaxed and provide students with encouragement and enthusiasm. Examinations are optional.

Musical Theatre

Junior and Senior (Ages 5 -18 yrs)

A fun and energetic way for children to develop self confidence. It incorporates music and singing, drama and dance. Our tutor has over 20 years of experience teaching as well as performing in, and choreographing for Musical Theatre.

Special Kids Musical Theatre (for children with special needs)

Musical Theatre for children with special needs – a fun class of song, acting and dance with Jackie, a caring, understanding mother of three. A class for children who would love to sing and dance but would find a regular class daunting and maybe beyond their capabilities


The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance exclusively presents the Jason Winters Contemporary technique a new world-class and comprehensive Contemporary Dance syllabus.

Junior to Senior (Ages 9 and above)

A form of dance which takes its technique from classical ballet but permits a greater range of movement and abstract shapes. It is athletic in nature and pulls upon yoga and Pilates principles to create strength.

(Students must be taking ballet classes.)

Latin Dance Classes

In 2017, the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance released their brand new Latin American dance classes. We excited to bring this blend of the Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive to Caloundra, Sunshine Coast.

The classes are suitable for ages 8 and up, including adults.

No experience or partners required.

This is sure to be a huge hit with current and new students, so please enquire today and secure your place in our brand new Latin Dance classes.

Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes incorporate a variety of moves as seen in popular music videos.

Our routines and class work will give you the skills to impress when your favourite songs come on.

Plenty of fun and a great work out too, our hip hop dance classes will leave you wanting more.

Acrobatics / Circus Skills

Levels 1 – 3 (Ages 4 -12yrs)

For students who want to learn acrobatics skills such as cartwheels, backward walkovers, hand stands and more. All learnt safely under the guidance of experienced staff.

Tinies Fun Classes

Tinies Ballet & Jazz
Tinies Tap

These are classes for young beginners from which students may choose a direction to advance through the grades or to attend the next appropriate level of classes as a recreational activity.

They are designed to be a fun class of movement, dance and imagination to enhance expressive movement abilities and physical fitness, to stimulate listening skills, to build confidence & self esteem and to encourage co-operative and sociable behaviour.

There are no examination for these classes.

Twinkle Toes (2.5 - 3.5 years)

A class where child and parent attend together.

It is great way to introduce a child to dance giving the child the feeling of security by having the parent at his or her side and allows the parent to learn a little about dance so they can assist at home.

Dance Classes for Adults

It doesn’t matter your age or skill level, come put on your dancing shoes and join the fun!

Amethyst Dance Studios offer beginners and intermediate adult tap classes, for the young adult up to more mature students.

The classes comprise warm up, combinations and routines – based on the Glenn Wood syllabus.

Great for fitness, mental agility, friendship and fun!

You also have the opportunity to perform in the annual recital/concert as well as participate in tap exams if you desire.

Free Intro Dance Classes

Never danced before?

Nervous about getting started?

Amethyst Dance Studios offer FREE introduction classes for those wanting to get started on their dancing journey. No preconditioning or prerequisites are needed. All fitness levels and ages are welcome